The Optimism/Pessimism Game

I’m not sure when we started, but my son and I play this game that we made up (actually I made it up to teach him about perspective.) ¬†It’s very easy and requires nothing more that a bit of creativity!

First, someone thinks of a scenario. Anything will do. My favorite, and probably the first one we used, was the rainy day. Then you compare what each viewpoint would be on looking out the window on said day.

The pessimist, in this case would bemoan the fact that they couldn’t go outside for fun activities or if they did, they would get wet.

The optimist would be happy that the plants were getting watered, one less thing to do today! Also, it could be a good excuse to get in some reading (or blogging!!) If it’s warm, why not play in the rain! That’s fun! (Can you tell my natural inclination?)

The possibilities are endless!! They are only limited by your imagination. My son came up with one that I thought was great! What if you were falling off a cliff? The pessimistic side is obvious (I’m going to die!!) His take on optimism was to enjoy the view on the way down! Brilliant!

I would like to play with you! What scenario would you like to bring up? What are the views on each side that you can come up with? Perhaps you can try and stump me on the optimistic side! That would be fun!


A bit of culture!

So last night I went to a string quartet with my mom. What an experience that was!!! The quartet was made up of 3 girls and 1 guy who were all graduate students at the near by (pretty much next door) University of Akron. The amazing talent cannot be put into words to do them justice!

They did a Haydn piece that had 4 movements followed by a brief intermission. Then they did a couple of pieces that were familiar (I think one was the Vivaldi Spring movement,) and of course a couple of holiday songs thrown in for good measure!

As beautiful as the music was, the venue was just as grand! The Hower House is a lovely old mansion in Akron that was completed in 1871. It is unique in that it is filled with the beautiful antiques that the owners collected themselves from around the world! We can’t wait to go back as we didn’t even make it off the main floor!!

I left my phone at home to charge, so I didn’t get any pictures, but I’ll be sure to get some next time!

An alarming trend!

This week my son had a speaker named Christopher Milo come to his school to talk about the heroin epidemic! We went to a meeting on Thursday evening to hear his message about a subject that I have been concerned about for some time. Our niece died a couple years ago of a methadone overdose (which I didn’t even know was possible,) while trying to wean herself off of heroin. Our nephew, her brother, has been in and out of prison and homeless shelters in the throes of his addiction.

I don’t know I really understood the extent of the problem until I started reading The West Side Leader (a free newspaper delivered right to my doorstep.) Under the neighborhood watch, they list some of the incidence that involved the police in the previous week. In the last year, I started seeing 1-3 overdose incidences listed for our area every week (and we have a rather small community!) As a matter of fact, it would be easy to think that those sorts of things happened elsewhere and not here in our neighborhood! What a wake-up call!!

I was shocked by some of the stories he shared in his presentation and glad of it! I think it’s important for people to hear the shocking details of this pandemic that has permeated our society. I would be surprised if there is a person in this country who can say they haven’t been affected in some way! As a matter of fact, I would be willing to bet that anyone who thinks that probably knows someone who is keeping their problem a secret. I can’t imagine that is one that can be kept for long!

I, for one, do not want to perpetuate the silence that has allowed this rot to fester under the surface! As a child of an alcoholic, I learned early on about addiction from my addict who sobered up and determined to teach us and prepare us for life. My education was probably my saving grace as it helped me navigate the treacherous waters of adulthood. Which is exactly why I started my conversation with my son early on. He’s 11 and I’ve been talking to him for a couple of years now. There are those that have been shocked by my openness, as if by sharing I would create a problem or encourage him in this direction. I believe the opposite. I want him to know that he can talk to me about ANYTHING and that he NEEDS to hear my warnings about the dangers in this world.

I had my son when I was 30 so I had plenty of time to think about how I was going to raise him. I came up with 2 important things to do early on. First, I decided that I HAD to teach him how to handle disappointment. Life is full of it and if we shield them from it at an early age, it will crush them later on. I also decided that I had to keep him busy. He’s a purple belt in karate, a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, and he started swim lessons at an early age, so he’s an excellent swimmer (if he can manage to get his grades up I may let him compete some day!) This year he will start band playing the clarinet which I’m sure he will excel at and enjoy immensely.

I want this to be a safe place to communicate openly and express ourselves honestly. Like I said the silence must cease!!! I would love to hear your stories and experiences so that we as a community can learn together!

Ode to things that swim

Froggies, fishys tail and fin

‘Tis my ode to things that swim

Walrus, sea lion, seal, and otters

Mammals that swim in the waters


Whales and dolphins, Orcas too

Make their home in the deep deep blue

Turtles, alligators, snakes, and crocodiles

Reptiles that can swim for miles


Cormorants, penguins, and puffins as well

Fly gracefully under the ocean swell

From cat and leopard sharks, to dog and hound

These are the baddest guys around


In lakes and rivers and all their kin

‘Tis my ode to things that swim!

First blog post

Welcome to the fun blog! Well, maybe. Actually, I’m very passionate about quite a few things so it depends on what your definition of fun is (pardon my dangle!) I will broach many topics, like parenthood (I’ve got a 10 year old boy!) politics (occasionally,) and public policy (are you provaccine or a little skeptical like me!) I’m sure to ruffle some feathers as I’m fairly opinionated and like to debate (I’m better in this forum than in person!) If I get my facts wrong, please point it out as I don’t like to be wrong. If I am, I’m good at apologizing as well (you have to be when you have a tendency to step on toes!)

Soooo, let the games begin!

I’m up for any hot topic and love to take suggestions so let her rip!!!

Next stop, controversy!