Don’t forget to sing!!

So I’m a problem solver by nature. So when I come up with a solution, I want to share it with the world! This is about an admittedly silly first world problem that really isn’t that important, but really annoying!

Don’t you hate when you gotta go so bad that you forget to check to see if there is any paper only to get stranded with a wet bottom!! One day I found myself in this exact predicament when I happened to notice that the TP in the next stall over was hanging down low enough for me to grab. I was saved!!!

I decided that from then on, I would leave the TP hanging down when using a public restroom if it may just help someone in the next stall over in a similar circumstance. I came up with this gem “LALA” which stands for “leave a lifeline angel” (the original last word wasn’t very nice so I had to change it!)

So ladies, if you’re out and about and you find yourself in a public stall, don’t forget to sing!! You may just save someone from a very uncomfortable position (and someday it may be you!)